Take Your Music with You

I am an outdoor buff and love to hike and bike. Rain or shine I am outside. There are scenic trails close by so that I can take a break from work as needed. I might swim in a neighbor’s pool or play basketball at the court in the park. One of the best times I’ve had in a long time was boating on the lake and riding in a towable tube. If you don’t know what I mean, then take a look here at some of them: https://www.inflatableslife.net/best-towable-tubes-for-boating/. It was a kick and we finished the day with loud music and beer on the shore. There is nothing like a full day out with friends having communal fun. Yes, we have music. I have made sure of it. I am in charge and I always come through. I live my live through music as many people do. It fits my mood or elevates in at the right time. Revved up or relaxed, it infuses me with happiness and energy. Thus it takes all kinds to satisfy my needs. I am by no means one dimensional. Call me an eclectic any time.

People often ask what kind of music I take because they know that I love it everywhere I go. In fact, I am known to ask people to recommend something new to listen to. The radio stations seem to play the same stuff. Maybe they are owned and managed by the same people with limited taste. If I want to control what comes in by ear, I resort to the Internet. It has taken over the old role of the radio in any case. If you watch podcasts and check out Internet radio and streaming music services, you will have a lot more from which to choose. The Internet is a music lover’s paradise with many accessible options. You can go back into the past as far as you like and rediscover old favorites. Imagine the freedom of creating your own stations. There is also the great benefit of previewing music at no cost before you commit. Streaming music is totally free. It’s a brave new world indeed. It takes me to foreign lands and totally new sounds. Bravo to the geniuses who invented Internet music sites.

You can take music with you wherever you go including in a towable tube. Ha! It was great to sit in the bouncy thing to the rhythm of cool jazz. It seemed to fit somehow. The beat is varied and creative. In a second you can be at one with hard rock and heavy metal. In a flash you are into classical music and bluegrass. Vocal music is at your beck and call. Even when you are without Internet connectivity, you can find a way to keep music going. A cell phone works well unless you are in a noisy place. The roar of a motor boat could be intrusive. You thus need waterproof Bluetooth speakers for days at the lake. Problem solved.