One Less Thing Taking up Space

I used to ride a commuter bike to work to save on gas and avoid the hassle of finding parking. I would often be twenty minutes late looking for a good spot. No one wants to walk a mile to the end of the lot after a long day at work. But I am now selling the old faithful online as I don’t ride any more. How does one change habits just like that? I am now all about cycling. I made the decision not long ago because I was getting fed up with all the traffic and delays while watching people on their bikes riding past me in the traffic jams.

I now look forward to getting up and jumping on my commuter bike. I took the time to find the right model for my needs, and on my search I discovered The exercise on the way to work helps lift the fog of sleep. It gets me in the mood to be up and at it. It makes the whole process of going to work a lot more enjoyable. Now the car is now gone and has left a lot of space to use for other purposes. Who knew that it was that big! I have put some suitcases and duffels in the spot.

It is important to have a good selection of music on your phone or computer. A good library is essential so you can match the music to your mood. In the old days, people listened to the radio and put up with whatever was offered. I can do that if I am lazy and don’t want to even look at my phone. I am too busy checking early-morning emails and texts. I am not enamored with the local stations however as they all play the same songs. The powers that be who make these decisions must be the same people. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised. It is okay now and then. I might be in the mood for country, a genre that I do not have much of in storage.

In short, I live my life with music at all times. Some choices in the morning and some in the afternoon and night. It is like having a background to your own life movie. The score is written by you, an amalgamation of this and that that strikes your fancy. I get suggestions for new music and take changes all the time. It enriches my world with the magic of sound. I always wonder how other people operate. Are they as involved in music as much as I am? What do they choose and how long does it last? Fads come and go, but I have never been one to follow trends. I make my own without knowing it. I suppose I would be surprised if I looked at the list of artists I have listened to over the past month. What would it say about me? It’s a great psychological tool of self-awareness.