January 4, 2018

The worst thing happened. No one died.  I missed a concert, not just any concert but my very favorite band. I was so miffed. I had spent a bundle on the tickets to get the best seats. I got there too late because I overslept. When I looked at my watch it read a few hours earlier. The battery had died and the dial misled me into thinking I had time to spare. I nodded off, got up, drove to the venue and went home in a funk. It was a dismal night. It is time to get an automatic watch – but first to read more about them in Timepiece Quarterly! There is no better reason and I don’t care what it costs.

An automatic watch won’t let you down. No more batteries to replace every six months. I always lose them and forget how to do it. Getting a new device of the right type will prevent another tragedy from happening. The worst of the matter is that while the group was playing another night, the tickets on the resale site I use were horribly overpriced. With a great review, the second performance was sold out in minutes, leaving only a few scalper tickets. I became the owner of one. I revved myself back up to my previous state so I could enjoy the show to the fullest, with no memory of what I had missed two days before. I had a whole in my pocket having bought two tickers for the same group. Life is tough!

Given that concerts are among the great moments in my life, I couldn’t miss this band because of a stupid watch. They won’t be back in this area for ages. The thing with watches is that when the battery is low, you don’t know. The watch just stops. With a top-tier automatic you can set the watch to several time zones. That may be overkill, but I wanted the best. No, I did not get the Rolex steel and 18 K yellow gold men’s submariner automatic blue dial watch at $11,000. I got a close second at $300—ha! That’s more like it. The Anatol automatic was the same as the Stuhrling but I like the looks better. It is a matter of individual taste as most of these watches perform superbly. The reviews were great showing long-term user satisfaction. It is an exquisite timepiece with automatic movement in a stainless steel case. It has what is called a skeleton dial. You have your choice of straps or bands. It is water resistant just in case to 50 meters. I like the shape of the case, the push-pull crown, the crystal dial window and just about everything else.

With my new watch on my wrist, I feel more secure about making dates and appointments. I will never again experience the panic of driving to a venue and seeing the parking lot empty.