This Sucks!

I had a fantastic music collection at one time, the kind you brag about. It had some very rare items and a variety of selections from many categories. It was thus very comprehensive and something to be proud of. I am lamenting its demise. You don’t collect this much material in a short period of time and it will take a long time to reconstruct. I say this because, sadly, it has been damaged beyond repair. How did it happen? Let me tell you the full story.

I was moving to a new apartment and had packed up a lot of personal things to store at my parents’ house to avoid unnecessary storage charges. Was this ever a mistake! Of course, there was no way to know in advance. I found a good empty spot in the guest room closet, away from prying eyes and hands. Little did I know that an evil humidifier would attack everything with its errant mist. My mother likes to keep things moist in very dry weather as she can breathe more easily. She got a whole house model (like these; and placed it in the guest room in an empty corner. It was pointed right to the closet—just my luck as it turns out.

The darn thing always worked fine until my belongings came to stay. Maybe they annoyed it because it retaliated in no time flat. It leaked and didn’t stop emitting moisture until it ran out of water. It had a super large tank that ran for hours on end. It was enough time to ruin the packaging on the CDs in my collection and some old cassette tapes from special occasions in the past. I had not yet gotten around to transferring them. There was mold everywhere when I came to fetch the collection after I settled in my new place. I had extensive notes and rare album covers from old LPs. All were ruined. These covers are sometimes more valuable than the disks inside. I was aghast.

I rescued some items but the collection never seemed to be the same. Everything looked dog eared and in sad shape. I kicked the humidifier over and broke it in half. It had gotten to more than the music collection (which included old signed sheet music from decades ago), but it was all I really cared about. So what if some old clothes were moldy. I would put them in the wash. I had some posters of famous groups that were ruined by moisture. Not all were framed for protection. By the way, framed photos and posters can show mold even under glass. You just have to know to keep valuables away from an excitable humidifier.

My parents were devastated for me and offered to replace anything and everything. I hated to tell them that it wasn’t possible. They bought me some concert tickets and I pretended to be grateful. It didn’t make a dent in my depression.