February 16, 2018

My friends are as into music as I am. It is not surprising that a good one wanted to borrow one of my favorite band t-shirts for a special concert a while back. I have tons and he knows it. His collection is rather meager. Of course, I said yes. What’s a simple shirt between friends? I have a good assortment of these memorabilia items purchased over the years online or at different venues. They remind me of the great music I’ve heard. It is a way to literally stock pile history. Plus, going casual most of the time is my style. I offered my friend a choice of five and he selected my most prized possession. So what is the big deal? The story will unfold.

The problem is that the shirt never came home. It is not that he was lax about returning it or that he lost it in a pile of dirty laundry. He didn’t give it away or use it as a cleaning rag by mistake. The real truth is that he was in a car accident and it had to be cut off with trauma shears (these things: https://www.wardheroes.com/best-trauma-shears/)  by the EMTs so they could see the extent of his physical damage. This actually happened! I can picture it in my head.

I can’t be too bummed about this turn of events since a human being is far more important than any concert tee for sure. I am grateful that he is alive and I can certainly do without one shirt. He was very apologetic when he recovered and offered to replace it as fast as he could. It isn’t available anymore—I knew that—but I indulged him and let him search for it on the Web. It made him feel better to at least try. Finally, he came to the right conclusion and let the issue die. I reminded him how lucky he was that he only sacrificed the tee and not a limb in the accident.

Car accidents can be devastating, often requiring trauma shears or the Jaws of Life. It is a scary proposition. You wonder how firemen use these dangerous tools without cutting something vital in the process. More than once, these ingenious devices have saved lives. People who experience being trapped in a vehicle are willing to let anyone or anything free them as quickly as possible. Cars are known to catch fire in some cases. You have to get out fast.

I don’t keep any safety equipment in my car as I don’t expect to use such last resort gear. I do have some shears among my tools in the garage. I bet it took about five seconds to make mincemeat out of my t-shirt. It is a wonder that my friend walked away with only a few minor scratches. We are celebrating by attending an upcoming concert featuring a favorite band. I will be happy to buy him a replacement shirt.