June 2020

Like many people, I love concerts. The feeling of hearing your favorite band or artist live is virtually incomparable to anything, especially the first time. I was 9 when my parents took me to my first live concert. It was a fundraising concert in the middle of the day with a lot of local artists whose names I don’t even remember, but standing there in the grass, close to the speakers, feeling the bass in your chest – it was quite the experience for a kid. I thought about it for weeks afterward.

Years later, I still get excited when there’s a concert. I’m not a very picky listener, so I’ll go to any concert in my home town. Sometimes some more famous artists come here, and sometimes lesser-known ones, but I’m there for the experience, plus it’s always good to support them. My friends aren’t as avid listeners as I am, but luckily I have a lot of different acquaintances I can just call and ask to hang out.

I actually have never been to a big-scale concert. You know, the ones with full arenas and thousands of people waiting for hours to get in. I just find the waiting tedious and overwhelming. Plus, even though I listen to a lot of music, I don’t think I’m that big of a fan of any artist or band to embark on that journey. I prefer to watch these concerts on YouTube, if I’m that curious. And if I’m up for a live experience, there are the concerts in my local venues.

Thank God for technology, right? Watching YouTube concerts is great for me. I don’t like alcohol, so I make myself a soda with my machine from Appliances Reviewed, I turn down the lights, put on my Hi-Fi headphones and I’m off! The sound is the same, if not better, you have enough air to breathe and no one stepping on your toes or screaming in your ear, no waiting in line for hours and stuff like that. Well, that feeling in your chest is definitely different, but what I appreciate is being able to re-watch some of these concerts multiple times. I’ve done this, I never get bored.

Sometimes I just think I’m better suited to be behind the scenes, like a radio host or something. I love the radio anyways, I love podcasts, and I love music. It has often crossed my mind to get some equipment and start producing my own show, but we’ll see. All in good times!